Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Peruse our publishing!

This week we have really been trying to work hard on our writing to record our ideas.
To do this we have to: 
-think about what we want to say
-use our word card to help us with words and sounds
-write whole ideas
-add a feeling 
Today was publishing day and our new learning for publishing was to have our letters the right size
-and tails below the line
Here is some of our fabulous work. Look at how hard we were trying to get our writing right...and check out our pictures!  We are amazing authors!

If you read this post, send us a comment so we know what you think of our writing!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I' m back!!

It's great to be posting again after a long break due to illness and bereavement.
We had an awesome morning of 'I' activities with our visitors from Manaia pre-school today... There was insects, ice and rice, intersections, iguanas, in and out equipment... and ice cream!
Have a look at our photos....
Kyrone and Adalaide seeing what happens to white rice when you add red and yellow ice... Or blue and yellow ice. This held their fascination for quite a while!
Nevaeh worked alongside her brother creating an interesting insect!
This was a big intersection that Bryn, Kree and Israel made...
Regan was in the box!
Breia waitng for a turn to get in the cone
Blake was proud of his insect
Delicious ice cream at the end of the day!
Look at what we made!!