Thursday, 11 September 2014

Umbrellas up! Letter of the week is u!

We had a busy and crafty day yesterday! 
Aftr our busy B morning with pre-school, we had 4- Stars in the afternoon. Our letter this week is U so we read a delightful story about 'Tiny Miss Dott and her Dotty Umbrella' then we made our very own dotty umbrellas..... We think they look fantastic!
U is a tricky letter for sounding out so thinking "Umbrellas up... Up, up, up" is a good way to help your child to attach a sound to it.
We are beginning to learn that a,e,i,o,u are vowels and that vowels have two sounds.
We will look at the long U sound next week........

B Day with Pre- School!

The pre-school came for a visit yesterday. We had a 'B' day together making and doing 'b' things. We made buses and boats with b animals in them and we built buses with blocks. Some of us went outside where we could:            
.....blow beautiful, bouncy bubbles,                                                                                   ......bounce on the tramp
......bowl balls into a bucket
.....balance our bodies on the balance boards
.....bounce and catch the beanbags