Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ww - Wet Washing on a Windy Day - With Waffles!!

Our Letter of the Week is W, so we got stuck in and did the washingtoday!                                         After reading 'The Wild, Wet, Wellington Wind'........
we made fabulous T- shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and dresses using crayon and dye. Now we have 'Wet Washing on a Wild, Windy Winter day' blowing about across our window!
We finished the afterrnoon with WAFFLES made by Mrs H, isaac and Autumn. WOW, they were good!
It was wonderful  to have our pre-school visitors Lucy, Paxton and Steffi joining in, creating colourful art and helping others too! Lucy even brought her Grandma along to help out.
Great work everyone!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Vivid and Vivacious Vases!

 We are looking at the letter "v" this week so we created these wonderful VASES - full of a VARIETY of VERY VIVID flowers!. 
We were excited to have  three 4 year olds - Steffi, Lucy and Paxton -VISIT and create their own VERY beautiful VASES! Lucas was a big help too!
When you are working wih the alphabet chart this week, remember to focus on the stretchy 'v' sound and talk about the name of the letter too.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

K is for Kiwi!

Our letter of the week was K, so we made these amazing "Kiwi" flags!  We have been seeing them alot with the Commonwealth games just finished so we decided to find out what the flag means. Here is some writing we did about it.

The New Zealand flag is cool because it is blue for the sky and the sea. It has four stars because the stars are cool.    CALEB

I like the New Zealand flag. The Southern Cross is my favourite. They are important to New Zealand and I like it.     TIAMA

The New Zealand flag is cool because it has the Southern Cross and it has the Union Jack. The Union Jack is up in the top corner. I feel proud of the flag.     MIA