Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A is for ...... Alligator!

Today at 4 Stars we learnt about the letter a.
A is a vowel and it has two main sounds- 'a' like apple and 'a' like ape.
New students are focusing on the short a and older students are thinking about both the sounds that 'a' makes. This will help them when reading or writing trickier words!
Have a look at our hungry alligators that love eating 'a' or words that have a in them!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Cc.......The Cat in the Hat

We have Cc as our letter this week. 
C is a copycat, it borrows a sound from and and doesn't have one of its own! It would be great if you could share some 'c' words with your child to help them build their understanding. 
We read 'The Cat in the Hat' and then we looked at all the words that rhyme with cat.... They all have the -at chunk in them. Our older students thought about blends  that start with c, like cl and cr.
Next we made our own crazy cat hat and wrote some -at words to glue on.
We are very proud of our work, hope you think they look great too!

Friday, 17 October 2014

X and Z - Our Letters of the Week.......Welcome Back to Term 4 at Matapu!

Well the holidays raced by didn't they, but it's nice to be back with all our Room 6 friends- and to welcome Paxton Burke to our class! We are so excited that you are with us.
This week at 4-Stars we looked at the letters and Z. We are pretty good at recognising the sounds these letters make so we knew we could study 2 letters at once!
is often found inside words rather than at the beginning so we made fox masks to remind us about the sound.
is the very last letter and it likes to have a bit of fun so it is often found in words like zip, zap and  zoom! Have a look at our cute zebras that would be the highlight of any zoo!