Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A...a... Awesome apple trees!

We are working with Aa this week. A is one of the important 5 vowels that children come across in every word... so they are super important to learn about and get right!
The first sound learnt is 'a' as in apple and this continually tricks some students, who say 'a' as in ahead. Keep referring back to the alphabet chart if you think your child is having any difficulty. If they are learning from the same resource at home, it should help to reinforce the learning!
if your child has been at school for a longer period, they may be ready to learn a little about the other important sound... 'a' as in ape. This is the long a sound where 'a' says its own name. Being aware of the different vowel sounds can help with tricky words in reading and writing.
Have a look at our Apple Trees... 
... And check out the correct letter formation... Important if you write this letter in your name every day!

We are reviewing number 9, even though we covered it recently. It has the same formation as 'a'  so it fits perfectly with our focus for the week. Do try to practise the number and letter formation if you have time as this will benefit your child. Check the correct formation below...

Sunday, 12 June 2016

C..c..Cute, colourful, creative cats!

Just look at our gorgeous cat masks and cat poses!The children were so creative with their patterns and colour choices and they worked amazingly well to get these finished and ready to wear before the bell went!
Ofcourse you can probably tell that our letter is Cc. We know C is a doesn't make a sound of its own - it just borrows s or k's sound. As a rule... Ca, co, cu make a 'k' sound, and ce and ci usually say 's'
As you come across words with a c at the start this week, look with your child and see if our rule is right!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Whats been happening in Room 6..?

I thought it was time to include a post that highlights what your children are doing daily as we explore and develop our ideas and here are a few photos taken this term for you to enjoy.

The letter this week is.....Oo!

As our letter is and we learnt about different shapes recently, we made octagons today and used them to make a pattern...just like our kitchen floor at home might have a pattern.
Have a look at our cool work...we had to colour in the shapes and cut carefully around all 8 sides. Don't you think we did an amazing job??  Can you see our different patterns?
Here's the Letterland rhyme to help get the right letter formation...

.....and our number this week will be ZERO.
It may seem like a rather unimportant little number, but it is a place holder in numbers like 10, 100, 1000 etc, and it is a way to signify nothing added or taken away.... So it will become a really important number as your child works on developing maths understanding. Talk about the concepts this week to help build their understanding.